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Gayathri Venkataraghavan,
blessed with a sublime, melodious, shruti aligned voice that can traverse different octaves, Gayathri Venkataraghavan has created a niche for herself in the world of Carnatic Music. Her uncanny ability to deliver complex ideas and dwell in creativity, with total ease is an asset.
She has honed her skill through the years making her an extremely sought after artist both in India and abroad.She belongs to the Sishya Parampara of Vidwan Sri A. Sundharesan and Padma Bhushan Awardee Sri P.S. Narayanaswamy.

GV also believes and performs, keeping in mind, the fact that music can calm the mind and remove stress giving happiness to the listener. As a much travelled artist, she recognises the universality of music and its amazing ability to unite people around the world. She has held on to the classical idiom even while she enthralled audiences , in festivals like the AdLucem festival in Latvia,Riga, or the Jaffa festival in Israel, Sydney Music Festival, festivals in USA, Canada, Singapore, NewZealand, Australia, UAE etc.

She is a very versatile and engaging performer and has collaborated with many musicians from other genres. She is a recipient of many awards including the Isai Peroli, Shanmuga Sangeetha Sironmani, Life Time Achievement award from Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan and the Bharath Ratna,
M.S. Subhulakshmi award from renowned Indian Organisations. She continues to collaborate with artists from other genres and conduct workshops and seminars to meet young students and serious listeners of music.
She has been actively teaching and conducting workshops, sharing the knowledge she has imbibed, expanded on and practiced. 

Many of her albums have been on the bestselling lists, while she continues to enthrall listeners around the globe.

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